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Crane ChemPharma & Energy launches new Crane Triple-Offset Butterfly Valve

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For the harsh conditions of critical process application, steam isolation and temperature extremes, the new Crane FFX 9000 provides unmatched performance reliability and quality.

The new triple offset butterfly valve from Crane ChemPharma & Energy delivers exceptional flow control, optimized CV and low Delta P in a single valve.

Engineered to address the inherent dangers of demanding applications, the Crane FKX 9000 adheres to the industry's most stringent standards, delivering zero-leak shut off in high temperature applications, hydrocarbon service and emergency shut down (ESD) service.

  1. Optimised Seat Angle: An innovative seat angle design and Satellite hard-faced valve body seat deliver a longer seal life and improved abrasion resistance, even after extensive cycling. Designed to eliminate wedging or binding of the disc, and lower the operating torque, the Crane FFX 9000 can reduce total cost of ownership by up to 50 per cent.
  2. Metal-to-Metal Sealing: The precision machined metal seat and seal ring deliver reliable and bi-directional shutoff in high-temperature, high-pressure and severe service applications, among others. The right angle conical design facilitates an almost friction-less in-line sealing.
  3. Innovative Stem Seal Design: permits superior fugitive emissions control under recurrent and extreme thermal cycling, and reduces potential down time.
  4. Torque-Seating: Unlike position-seated ball, butterfly or plug valves, the torque-seated Crane FKX 9000 self-adjusts to evenly distribute seal compression. A "floating" seal ring and wide seal ring supporting gasket yield a better seal to eliminate binding and enhance performance.
  5. Innovative Shift Design: Unlike alternative designs, Crane FKX 9000 delivers superior performance in thermal expansion due to the optimal positioning of the pin connector, located in the lower portion of the disk. Our bearing design also helps to prevent shaft deflection and permits longer value life.

"Capitalizing on previous POV design features, the next generation Crane FKX 9000 offers an array of new innovations that further enhance valve safety and performance to meet the needs of our customers," said Ralf Becker, Business Line Manager for Crane ChemPharma & Energy. "This now TOV offers a world-leading fugitive emissions package and best-in class inline seal design, which can greatly extend seal life when compared to previous designs." 

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