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Cammy -the only home security solution that guarantees no false alarms

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Home security systems are a great tool when it comes to protecting your home from burglaries or other crimes.

However, many security systems are prone to false alarms, which can result in additional stress as well as call out charges. 

Often caused by insects, pets or objects hanging in front of the camera, false alarms are a nuisance to both homeowners and the local services.

With Cammy, a new app-based home security solution, false alarms are now a thing of the past. Based on a unique human detection technology, this highly intelligent home security solution ensures that alerts are only sent when a person is detected on camera, guaranteeing no more false alarms.

Compared to many conventional camera-based alarms, Cammy uses a multi-tiered approach, by combining hardware heat and motion sensors with sophisticated AI-powered analytics technology that is able to quickly distinguish between human and non-human motion.

What's more, Cammy's security system is able to "learn" by analyzing usage patterns to identify regular activities (e.g. a cleaner visiting every week), further improving the system's functionality over time.

Cammy's plug-in Wi-Fi cameras are easy to set up and offer both high definition and night vision viewing. The system is automatically activated as soon as you leave the house and is able to capture all motion-detected events, which can be viewed directly from the Cammy app. When an intruder is detected, an alert is immediately sent to the customer, who is then able to contact the police with the touch of a single button.

All recorded footage is stored in a highly secured cloud for 30 days and can be watched at any time from the app. 

“Our app-based security solution is radically better as it uses cameras as sensors. Not only is it so much quicker and easier to install than traditional alarm systems, it can also verify a real intruder, which completely eliminates false alarms,” comments Cammy’s CEO Jimmy Lee.

“This means that there are no more false alarms from pets, spiders, changing light patterns –or even people you know.”

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