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BEUMER develops blending beds for different bulk goods based on regularity

article image Circular stockpiles for bulk materials are particularly eco-friendly since no material is released into the environment

Blending beds are used in several industrial processes to ensure uniform consistency of raw materials during the manufacture of products. BEUMER Group offers stackers and bridge scrapers, the essential components of blending beds to stack bulk materials reliably and guarantee maximum blending effect. BEUMER’s engineered blending bed systems enable operators to homogenise large quantities of various bulk materials dependably and efficiently.

BEUMER has been developing tailor-made system solutions in conveying technology for the stone and quarry industry, power plant industry, mining (ores and coal) as well as the logistics industry (harbours and transshipment terminals) for almost 80 years.

BEUMER has developed specialised expertise in engineering blending beds and stockpiles, providing a design after structural analysis of the associated storage depots and calculation of dimensions. The blending beds are then customised according to the client’s requirements using either longitudinal or circular stockpile designs based on the spatial conditions and amount of the material to be stored.

Depending on the field of application, BEUMER-designed blending beds can be used at extreme ambient temperatures for very high entry conveying capacities as well as for the highest degree of homogenisation required. Additionally, BEUMER provides material-specific detailed solutions with robust and low-wear equipment that minimise environmental impacts from noise and dust during operation. Blending beds can be set up both outdoors and indoors.

The stacker and the bridge scraper are the two key components of a blending bed and when perfectly designed, deliver an optimum blending effect. BEUMER offers stackers that stack the bulk material efficiently and effectively. Stackers can be of fixed or mobile types, depending on the requirement. Stackers are mounted onto a column for circular stockpiles, and on rails for a longitudinal blending bed. Designed as fixed, raisable and pivotable booms with conveying capacities of up to 4,000 tons per hour, stackers are chosen based on different factors such as the shape and size of the stockpile, material, throughput and desired mobility.

Designed to homogenise the material, the bridge scraper features a mobile rake on each side, which removes the material in layers by stroking the face of the stockpile. The scraper blades move the bulk material towards the belt conveyor running parallel to the stockpile. The robust BEUMER bridge scrapers transport the bulk material through gentle handling and steady flow, making them suitable for a wide range of bulk materials.

BEUMER has installed their blending bed systems at various projects around the world. A bridge scraper installed in Russia, works at an ambient temperature as low as -40 degrees Celsius, has a rail width of 34 metres and is designed for a conveying capacity of 500 tons per hour. BEUMER has also developed a stacker for coal mining, which is operated at ambient temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius, has a 41m boom and a belt width measuring 1.6m, and transports 2,250 tons of bulk material per hour. Another bridge scraper engineered by BEUMER features a rail width of 55m and conveys 1,100 tons of coal per hour.

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