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Automated Deburring & Fishing

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Here's some new ways to speed up the old and aggravating problem of deburring.

Nampower brushes with abrasive impregnated nylon bristles remove external burrs and Flex-Hone "bottle brush" type brushes with abrasive tipped filaments beat internal burrs.

Both tools can be incorporated in a CNC parts machining regime to greatly improve the efficiency of what has always been a costly and often slow operation. As a bonus these tools provide a very acceptable end result that can often cut out other finishing processes and by using different grades of abrasive and configuration you also gain broad control over your final surface finish. 

Finally, to improve efficiency in manual deburring you can use these tools in hand held power equipment or special purpose machinery. Flex-Hones come in a very wide range of diameters from 4mm up to 1 metre and the Nampower brushes are available in a number of sizes from 50mm to 150mm Diameter. 

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