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Australians fast adopters of digital tech

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Australians are wholeheartedly embracing the digital life.

A new study has ranked Australia third in a list of countries that have adopted digitalisation rapidly.

Once the size of the economy is taken into account, Australians have embraced technology faster than the Japanese, those in the United Kingdom and in Germany to change they way we work, communicate and use spare time.

It also found Australians are the best at using technology securely and adopting privacy measures out of the 34 countries examined.

The digital life report, commissioned by South American telecommunications giant Telefonica, examined the way citizens of various countries have embraced digital tools, rather than measuring the technological infrastructure, builds on Australia’s reputation as a tech leader.

The report reinforces other data which show Australians are notorious for high levels of digital piracy while Aussies were among the first to be swept away the Pokemon Go mobile game that has become a world wide phenomenon.

Meanwhile the report found that compared with the Asia-Pacific region, Australia is the best performer in internet freedom, e-government, online course enrolment, social media usage, use of virtual network and open platform use.

Young Australians aged between 18-34 have the most positive attitude toward education, entrepreneurial opportunities and informal finance in the region.

The report did show Australia needs to do more to encourage start-ups in order to compete with China.


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