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Williams United launches new 3D printing division for additive manufacturing


Australian metal products manufacturer Williams United has launched a new business unit to provide 3D printing services to Australian businesses.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing is the next step in the company’s growth. William United sees a huge potential for rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing services in Australia.

Dean Williams, managing director, Williams United views 3D printing as the next industrial revolution. Dean explains that the technology has the potential to completely change the face of manufacturing as highly complex prototypes can now be designed and printed in a matter of hours, small quantities can be produced cheaply and easily, and potential design flaws can be eliminated early on, all of which add up to considerable time and cost savings for businesses.

3D printing offers businesses faster to-market times for prototypes or custom products; lower overheads and greater design freedom; speedier detection and fixing of errors; on-the-spot tool development; and elimination of queues, delays or lengthy production processes.

Dean Williams believes that the Australian manufacturing industry needs to adapt and diversify in order to flourish. By adding 3D printing to its portfolio, Williams United can bring value for its existing customers and move into new markets.

Williams 3D, the new business unit will offer clients a full concept to production service, including a dedicated designer and project management support. The 3D services range will include design, scanning, concept models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, end-use parts and surface finishing.

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