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Webinar to be held on improving efficiency by reducing deaerator vent rates


Membrana and Power Magazine are organising a webinar on improving efficiency and realising cost savings in steam deaeration.

To be helmed by long-time power industry specialist, Bob Markle, the webinar will discuss the use of innovative membrane degassing technology in boiler feedwater streams to reduce the dissolved O2 load on the deaerator to achieve lower vent rates. Key benefits include minimising energy waste, cutting fuel costs and decreasing water use, resulting in significant operating savings for power plants.

The webinar is recommended for plant managers who are looking for ways to quickly lower operating costs and reduce downtime risk; plant engineers who are interested in increasing plant efficiency; chemists and water treatment experts working with power plants; and power plant operations personnel looking for ways to lower chemical use and reduce environmental impact.

Additional information will also be presented on application areas within a power plant and how membrane contactors are commonly used.

Webinar participants can learn more about lowering operating costs and improving performance of steam deaeration; minimising deaerator vent rates to reduce fuel consumption and energy waste; where and how degassing membranes are used in power plant feedwater; and the advantages of using advanced membrane degassing technology.

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