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Victorian program shows benefits of 3D printing in classrooms

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Quantum Victoria, a Victorian government Department of Education and Early Childhood initiative, has trained its first cohort of teachers on how to incorporate 3D printing in classrooms.

The ABC reports that participants in the program run by Quantum, which focuses on science and mathematics, expressed enthusiasm for the potential uses of the technology in classrooms.

 "For example in a chemistry classroom quite often we're talking about molecules in three dimensions and we try and get the students to picture it and we show animations," offered James Alexander from Sunbury Downs College, who built a printer for the program.

"To build that deeper understanding, we can get them to design their own 3D molecular structures.

"They can physically print it out, touch it, hold it, see what it looks like."

Soula Bennett from Quantum Victoria said the possibilities for classrooms were vast.

"When they go back to their schools they're able to utilise it across science, technology, engineering and maths, but also arts, history, languages," she said.

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