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Unions reject Electrolux pay offer, flag industrial dispute

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The AMWU has said the chances of industrial action at the Electrolux Orange factory, which will close in 2016, have increased.

In a statement yesterday the union said workers were “increasingly agitated at the company’s refusal to consider front loading a wage increase to assist the vast majority” of the site’s employees.

As the Central Western Daily reported last week, the Swedish-owned company has refused the union’s request for a 12 per cent pay increase over three years, with a five per cent rise in the first two years. The factory would close before the third year.

“Electrolux is shutting this place down, people know what they get in this last agreement will be what they walk out with and it matters a lot to those who’ve been there a long time,” said AMWU delegate Justin McKenzie.

“I’m very surprised at how angry and upset people are this time…the closure has changed their mindset.”

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