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Understanding crushing and screening vibration analysis

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W.S. Tyler has designed a vibration analysis system that helps mining and quarry operations maximise product quality, uptime and profit by closely monitoring their vibrating screens to achieve peak performance and efficiency.

The wireless Vibration Analysis System and Vibration Analysis Partnership Program designed by W.S. Tyler can help mines and quarries relying on screening as a key component in their value chain, enhance product quality, improve productivity, reduce unscheduled maintenance and extend screen life, resulting in more profitability.

W.S. Tyler Technology Manager Dieter Takev explains that the primary objective was to create vibration analysis options that will positively impact the bottom line for mines and quarries. This was accomplished by designing technologically advanced systems that cater to the unique characteristics of vibrating screens and are also user-friendly.

The vibration analysis system on the one hand, offers the capability to conduct preventative and predicative maintenance; on the other, it pursues the ideal screening performance by optimising the parameters of the screen in a way that particles find as many opportunities as possible to pass screen openings.

W.S. Tyler’s Vibration Analysis Service is an in-person program whereby certified W.S. Tyler technicians visit customers’ sites to collect data from the vibrating screens. The technicians are equipped with signature wireless vibration analysis systems used for monitoring, data collection and analysis of speed, stroke and overall performance of any vibrating screen. 

Following each analysis, W.S. Tyler provides a detailed, easy-to-understand report that helps mine and quarry operators to better understand the interaction between their feed material, screen media and vibrating screens. 

Tyler’s Vibration Analysis report not only contains all the data and information from the analysis, but offers a translation of the results into complete and easy-to-follow recommendations for improving the tested screens’ performance, maximising screening efficiency and minimising unscheduled downtime. 

W.S. Tyler also helps customers maintain consistently high performance by offering a complete ongoing and technology-based Vibration Analysis Partnership Program. 

Through the program, W.S. Tyler provides the complete Vibration Analysis Technology Kit consisting of eight wireless Bluetooth accelerometers attached to the outside of the vibrating screen to take readings at intervals determined by the customer; a handheld data collection and analysis device (PDA); the analysis software; and batteries and chargers. 

Customers can use the handheld device to easily download vibration data and visualise initial findings. For a more in-depth report, customers can simply transmit the data to W.S. Tyler via email, with the company providing feedback to customers within 24 hours by sending a simple one-page report, containing all recommendations. The process also creates historical data that customers and W.S. Tyler can use to evaluate performance over extended periods. 

W.S. Tyler will also provide the initial training on the program to ensure the customer knows how to work the vibration analysis tools, submit the readings and study the reports. 

W.S. Tyler’s new programs work hand-in-hand with the company’s Pro-Deck approach, which optimises screen media performance by incorporating the ideal screen media for each of the three separate phases of the screening process.

W.S. Tyler is a member of the wholly owned German-based Haver & Tyler Processing Technology Alliance, and a leading manufacturer, systems provider and specialist in the screening, washing and pelletizing industry. 

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