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Toyota to conduct driving project in Australia

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Toyota will conduct an Australian-based driving and training project that will play a role in the development of future generations of its vehicles and help train its employees.

More than 30 employees and executives involved in global development of Toyota vehicles will take part in the project that will cover approximately 18,000km around Australia over a period of more than 10 weeks to mid-November.

They will drive 4WD and passenger vehicles, including Corolla, LandCruiser and HiLux, across the continent to help them consider future vehicle specification plans.

The participants will also refine and strengthen their intuition in developing vehicles for specific driving environments by experiencing every conceivable driving surface - from busy city streets to the toughest trails of the outback.

Toyota Australia president Dave Buttner said in a statement that Australia was an ideal place to develop an understanding of the world's roads, because its varied terrain is said to offer at least 80 per cent of the road surfaces found on the planet.

"Toyota has an excellent understanding of Australia's diverse conditions, but our parent company is taking nothing for granted by undertaking this extensive project in addition to regular vehicle evaluations and testing carried out in Australia.

"It is vital that Toyota's leading vehicle development personnel get back to basics, experiencing first-hand what it takes to continue satisfying customers with ever-better cars.

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