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Top five areas for consideration when choosing an implementation methodology and p


Oliver Clissold, Executive Vice President – Project Governance, Risk & Compliance, UXC Eclipse emphasises the need for businesses to prioritise both the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of the implementation when choosing a new ERP solution.

He explains that choosing the right methodology is just as important as the right software. Though organisations mostly rely on their implementation partner to make recommendations, it’s often wise to know the available options. 

For instance, investing time upfront in the right partner to advise on the best methodology for the organisation can mean the difference between a good project and a great one. Organisations also have a choice of methodologies including Agile, Waterfall and Express. 

The Agile method offers adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, which means there can be a more rapid and flexible response to change throughout the implementation. 

The Waterfall method is sequential and linear, the objective being to completely finish each logical step in the development process before moving onto the next. This approach provides customers with security that the project is being delivered as anticipated, as well as transparency across each phase to ensure the project will go-live on time and on budget. 

The Express method is for out-of-the-box implementations with no customisations; this approach reduces the implementation time and can reduce upfront costs. 

According to Clissold, while each approach has pros and cons it is essential the vendor recommends an approach that suits the client’s business drivers as well as delivers the best outcome for the project. 

Top five areas for consideration when choosing an implementation methodology and partner 

Professionalism and methodology 

Does the recommended methodology suit the size of the project? What is the potential partner’s track record including their risk management strategy? 

Relevant references 

Can the potential partner offer three or four relevant references from the same industry to demonstrate that they can deliver and have experience in doing so? 


How well does the project team relate to the potential partner and will the sales team be involved in the implementation? How invested is the potential partner in the business outcomes? 

Quality management 

What are the quality processes and documentation in place to govern any consulting and project methodologies? 

Change management 

Does the partner recommend change management, including business process documentation and process-driven training?

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