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Tiger Fluids drilling mud programs see success at Ok Tedi gold mine

article image The drilling contractor has drilled twelve consecutive holes with minimal downhole issues and excellent core recovery

A specific mud program by Tiger Fluids is being used successfully by drilling contractor Deepcore Drilling at the Ok Tedi Townsville mining site.

With the guidance of a specific mud program created by Tiger Fluids, the drilling contractor has drilled twelve consecutive holes facing minimal downhole issues and excellent core recovery. 

Ok Tedi Mining Limited Exploration Superintendent Robert Smillie credited the mud program designed by Tiger Fluids as one of the key drivers for allowing drill holes to reach or exceed planned hole target depths. Tiger Fluids’ engagement upfront, evaluating the ground conditions and developing a site specific formula, was critical to delivering the required drilling outcomes. Despite highly broken ground conditions in places, there has been excellent sample return with minimal sample loss together with ongoing hole stability. 

According to Rhys Clarke, Tiger Fluids Australian and PNG Manager, a lot of time and preparation went into creating the correct mud program for the Townsville site. Tiger Fluids performed offsite laboratory tests and several initial onsite and follow-up inspections to ensure the correct product and procedures were used before the contract commenced. A precise mud program, which was easy to follow and administer was then selected for the assignment. 

Given the contract was for a helicopter portable rig with drilling occurring on the side of very steep mountains in the Star Mountain region of PNG, limited space was a serious issue. The project demanded a small mixing tank with zero water return as well as a fast mixing high yield mud. Tiger Fluids’ muds (Tiger Gel, Tiger Trol and Tiger Coremax) were found to be the best mixing with their ability to be fully hydrated in five minutes.

Steven Fisher, Deepcore Site Supervisor added that the ground was one of the worst he had seen in a long time but thanks to excellent drillers and the Tiger Fluids muds, they were able to achieve a very successful drilling program.

Tiger Fluids also customised a mud program to suit the drilling conditions in the pit at Ok Tedi for Deepcore. This mud system recently assisted Deepcore to reach a new previously unattainable production record of over 600m per rig per month. 

Tiger Fluids’ unique formula for its Tiger Trol mud and its speciality additive Tiger Coremax has provided the drilling operation with an excellent solution for core recovery as well as borehole stability in poor ground conditions. Tiger Trol has exceptional viscosifying and filtration control properties; combined with Tiger Coremax, it forms a low permeability membrane on the bore walls and core, providing a system, which is extremely simple and effective for the drilling crews. 

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