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The untapped ICT intelligence in Australian organisations


Many Australian organisations have not yet adopted operational intelligence, which can reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide critical insights for proactive decision-making at the workplace.

Business intelligence provides historical data, which can be used to make future decisions; however, operational intelligence provides continuous data, directly linked to events as they occur so that decisions can be made proactively. It also includes digital intelligence, which enables real time visibility, analysis and insight across digital channels.

Denise Carson, Business Manager – Enterprise Mobility and Operational Intelligence, UXC Connect emphasises that all organisations need to ensure their IT infrastructure is both robust and secure as well as primed to exploit emerging digital technologies, trends and preferences. The more organisations can anticipate in regard to technology, the more creatively they can use technology to gain operational and competitive advantage and deal with the challenge of escalating costs.

Machine data for instance, represents a largely untapped source of information that can have a dramatic impact on cost reduction and operational efficiency. There are many sources of machine data across organisations that can provide insight into issues, usage patterns and trends including wired and wireless networks, digital channels, mobile services, applications and servers.

Organisations have a diverse and distributed IT environment with technology often developed in silos to address a particular requirement. This often leaves the IT teams with a narrow perspective as they are viewing machine data using tools designed to provide a view of a particular infrastructure element or process.

Denise Carson explains that operational intelligence breaks down these IT siloes and provides visibility across the whole infrastructure, letting the organisation instantly access, tune and improve business and IT processes, identify security threats, highlight performance issues, and spot emerging trends.

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