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Tesla wants to manufacture in China

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US Electric car maker Tesla has plans to manufacture in China in the next “three to four years”.

Bloomberg reports that Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk made the comments, as well as saying the company is building a “big” network of charging stations.

“China is very important to the future of Tesla,” Musk said, according to Bloomberg.

“We’re going to make a big investment in China in terms of charging infrastructure.”

By making cars in the world’s largest auto market, Tesla would also avoid the current 25 per cent tariff its exports to China are lumped with. It also hopes to qualify for local electric car subsidies.

Musk will also attend a conference tomorrow for the first delivery of his company’s cars to Chinese customers, which has been delayed.

The Wall Street Journal reports that businessman Sam Long, a Chinese customer, and 22 others have hired attorneys to deal with Tesla over deliveries.

A spokesman for the car maker, Simon Sproule, said that shipments outside of Beijing and Shanghai wouldn’t happen before June due to a lack of infrastructure.

"You would never sell any brand unless you have the tools to service it,” said Sproule.

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