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Spindle maintenance and repair tips for your site

article image Hetzer advises manufacturers to avoid spindles crashing into fixtures and parts

Gilman Precision of Grafton, WI specialises in the maintenance of spindles, making the parts work like new through careful analysis of the issue followed by expert repair work.

Manufacturers around the world rely on a lot of moving pieces to put out quality products every day. A properly working spindle is an essential part of operations for many companies. However, over time, with daily use and inadequate maintenance, spindles can stop functioning properly.

Gilman CEO Chris Hetzer observes that the first sign of a spindle requiring some repair work is seen in poor product quality. An increase in temperature or vibration, or any unusual noise also represents a problem with the spindle.

Gilman Precision has the capability to diagnose the problem by discussing the issues with the manufacturer as well as through an analysis of the part. Gilman can also repair any spindle or slide, restoring its quality and efficiency. According to Hetzer, Gilman’s job is to make each spindle look and operate like new when it leaves the plant.

While daily use of any spindle will be hard on the component, there are some basic practices to consider while using the machine to help with longevity.

Hetzer advises manufacturers to avoid spindles crashing into fixtures and parts, and not to allow chips to accumulate near the end of the spindle, which can cause contamination inside the bearings, and impact operational life.

Good coolant control by ensuring there is no splashing directly on the ceiling areas of the spindle is another tip for a longer lifespan. Use of quality tooling is also advised to prevent vibrations developing in the spindle that will damage the bearings.

Gilman Precision offers spindle repair services with 6-month warranty on all repair jobs. New spindles built by Gilman come with a 1-year warranty, or 2-3 years, depending on the application.

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