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Spectrometers released for mining and exploration core logging


Spectral Evolution introduces two new field spectrometers designed to deliver fast, accurate, efficient and systematic core logging to help determine mining potential.

The oreXpress family of mineral analysers eliminates the frustrations of using traditional manual core logging methods.

The new oreXpress and oreXpress Platinum portable field spectrometers featuring EZ-ID mineral identification software and the Custom Library Builder module provide the basis for fast, accurate and repeatable core logging that produces a precise and complete picture of mining potential.

The oreXpress portable field spectrometers perform core logging tasks with advantages including the ability to scan 400 metres of core at 25cm intervals in a day; affordability with assured ROI before the end of the first project; ability to develop standard operating procedures for use in every core logging project; data accuracy with scans and metadata saved as ASCII files for use with 3rd party software such as 3D modelling, mine mapping, and mine planning programs; quality control for core sampling; and providing a complete picture of the mining potential to protect and maximise investment.

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