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Soucy Plastiques launches new crusher heavy impact bar

article image Soucy HD impact bar

Soucy Group subsidiary Soucy Plastiques has launched a unique impact bar designed to increase replacement intervals, boosting productivity in the crushing environment.

Manufactured in a one-step compression moulding process using proprietary formulas, the Soucy HD (heavy duty) impact bar is made from a thick layer of rubber entrapped between two layers of slick UHMW-PE. The construction of this exclusive bar effectively absorbs the impact of falling materials, while the long wearing UHMW outer slider bar seals the load zone.

The new impact bar delivers multiple advantages including a longer belt life, reduced spillage and decreased operating and maintenance costs.

David Ouellet, engineering director at Soucy Plastiques explains that the Soucy HD impact bar was tested in the field for two years at a major Canadian crushed stone quarry, with results showing that the Soucy HD enhances its service life by 55% compared to the current bars. The UHMW-PE bottom layer (aluminium frame replacement) provides a consistent load transfer, is flexible and has memory, allowing it to snap back to its original shape even after deflection, and offering an improved seal between the conveyor belt and the impact bed.

The Soucy HD impact bar has a lifetime warranty against delamination. The bar construction is rust- and spark-free, and is simple to install and replace, making the task of changing impact bars safer, faster and easier.

Soucy HD impact bars are suitable for most of the impact beds available on the market and are interchangeable with other bars (tailored machined slots).

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