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Snowden launches mining intelligence technology Reconcilor to aid ore recovery processes


Global mining solutions provider Snowden has launched a new smart technology that allows miners to add millions of dollars a year in profit by maximising ore recovery and reducing waste.

Snowden’s flagship mining intelligence solution Reconcilor has been implemented by top mining companies around the world and is already producing substantial gains with some miners capturing tens of millions of dollars in extra value a year simply by optimising their existing mine operations. 

Snowden General Manager - Marketing and Innovation, George McCullough explains that these are real productivity and profitability gains resulting from maximising the amount of ore recovered from the resource. 

Snowden has recently launched the latest version of Reconcilor, which is faster, highly standardised and uses the latest technology. The Enterprise application works across multiple operations and regions.

Reconcilor 8 is a very sophisticated mining knowledge system that has been developed from Snowden’s 27 years of experience in over 12,000 mining projects around the world.

According to Mr McCullough, the solution guides users through the process of optimising the entire value chain from resource to customer, enabling them to not only identify problems in their mining value chain, but also to uncover hidden opportunities for greater recoveries using their existing equipment. He adds that Reconcilor helps miners become more capital efficient.

The process is known as mine reconciliation and has become a critical business process in recent years as the effects of falling commodity prices and productivity levels have hit many mining companies hard. 

Mining reconciliation aims to highlight the variances between planned mine production and actual production. 

Sean Helm, Product Manager for Reconcilor explains that it provides the platform of continuous operational improvement.

Reconcilor pulls together critical data from all steps in the mining process, from resource estimation and mine planning right through to beneficiation and shipping. The system helps operation managers to quickly find variances between planned versus actual production and then prompts action with its built-in guidance workflow.

Mr McCullough concludes that Reconcilor gives mining companies a complete picture of what’s going on in their mine, enabling them to get control of their operations and then continuously improve.

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