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Sidel reaches for the stars with new PET bottle base

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Sidel, which provides PET solutions for liquid packaging, has developed a new bottle base for still drinks which increases stability and resistance.

The new StarLite PET bottle base improves rigidity while lowering package weight and energy consumption during production.

According to Sidel, the bottle base offers better pallet stability and higher bottle integrity throughout the supply chain, and is suitable for water and juice products.

The Sidel StarLite bottle base utilises two PET design innovations: the Edge Beam, which is a specific groove structure that improves base stiffness, and the Smart Disc, a disc structure that reinforces the base to prevent deformation. The base can be retrofitted into existing bottle designs and shapes, and applied to existing production lines, using Sidel’s StarLite mould bases.

Sidel's testing found that the StarLite design led to a 30 percent increase in top-load dent resistance when the bottle is on a pallet, and up to a 55 percent increase in side-load resistance - a particular advantage when the bottle is on a conveyor or in a vending machine. Overall pallet integrity was found to increase by up to 50 percent during transportation.The base also produced increased resistance to extreme temperatures, lasting up to 25 days without bottle deformation in 50 degrees celsius conditions, and recording up to a 50 percent decrease in base rollout under frozen conditions.

If the bottle pressure generated by nitrogen dosing is 0.8 bar or under, StarLite can also replace the traditional mini-petaloide base usually associated with carbonated soft drinks.

"Our customers are increasingly looking for ways to save costs, remain competitive and achieve their sustainability goals," said Vincent Le Guen, vice president for Packaging & Tooling at Sidel.

"One way of achieving these goals simultaneously is to lightweight the bottle, but you need to ensure package integrity is not affected and the bottle remains attractive for consumers. The new Sidel StarLite base enables beverage producers to both reduce package weight and blowing pressure, and actually increase base resistance to deformation. When combined with select other Sidel services, we can achieve significant energy and cost savings on new or existing beverage production lines."

Headquartered in Switzerland, Sidel has production sites in 13 countries, providing PET, glass and can packaging solutions for water, soft drinks, milk, sensitive products, edible oils and alcoholic beverages including beer.

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