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SeaDragon announces shark liver deal

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Fish oil producer SeaDragon has announced a deal with Portugal’s Pescarias Cayon & Garcia to deliver squalene.

SeaDragon, listed on the NZ stock exchange, will provide shark liver oil to be landed in August and October this year and in January in 2015.

According to SeaDragon, Australasia’s largest refiner and blender of fish oils, the amount paid will be internationally competitive and dependent on the content of squalene delivered.

Squalene is a compound sourced mainly from shark liver oil, and is used in health supplements to treat arthritis and for cosmetic purposes.

“This agreement will ensure the success of the existing squalene business and will further strengthen our position as we prepare to expand our Omega-3 fish oil activities,” said CEO Ross Keeley in a statement.

“Our existing shark liver refinery will now be able to be run at full capacity for at least the next 12 – 18 months."

Image: buzzle.com

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