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Sargent implements new iPad app for vehicle checks


Leading Australian fleet management company Sargent Rental and Maintenance has implemented an Australian-developed Apple iPad-based vehicle checking and inspection system to ensure 100 per cent compliance with maintenance requirements.

ChekRite, the new app not only provides a full audit and compliance trail, but also more than halves the time taken by mechanics to carry out vehicle inspections. Offering an alternative to traditional paper-based clipboard-type checklists, the ChekRite system is designed to ensure compliance and consistency, significantly reducing the time and cost required for regular vehicle inspections.

Following a three-month trial, the ChekRite App has been implemented across a fleet of over 3200 commercial vehicles by Sargent.

According to Malcolm McIntosh, Sargent’s chief maintenance officer, ChekRite is delivering increased efficiency and productivity across the company’s network of 17 locations throughout Australia.

A key challenge faced by Sargent throughout its national network is the need to maintain a level of consistency and compliance across the fleet by more than 100 mechanics. To ensure full compliance, the process needs to be consistent, which is facilitated by ChekRite by ensuring everybody is completing the same steps the same way every time.

ChekRite incorporates a ‘failsafe’ system, so mechanics have to complete the steps the way that the program dictates; however, the system is also very flexible and allows easy change.

According to McIntosh, implementing ChekRite has resulted in improved productivity and increased efficiency. Where Sargent mechanics used to take over an hour to carry out an inspection using paper-based checklists, they have now reduced the time to less than 30 minutes, a 55% per cent increase in efficiency.

Every time a vehicle is returned from hire, Sargent’s mechanics carry out a full inspection as part of the company’s return-from-hire procedures. Previously once an inspection was completed, the workshop supervisors had to convert them to PDF files and reports, then merge them into Excel spreadsheets, which could be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Now not only has ChekRite halved the time taken to carry out vehicle inspections, but all the data captured is immediately available to the supervisors and management teams.

Colin Bailey, Sargent’s workshop supervisor at the company’s Brisbane branch, said that the big advantage of ChekRite was the consistency of inspections.

McIntosh said that integrating ChekRite into Sargent’s business had been a very easy process.

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