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ROH Wheels boss predicts impact of car industry closure

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The death of Australian car making will have a massive impact on the whole manufacturing sector, according to the General Manager of Adelaide’s ROH Wheels.

News.com.au reports that ROH Wheels is the last surviving local supplier of car wheels Australia. Although the company is set to manufacture wheels for the updated Toyota Camry which is set to begin production in early 2015, it may not have a future beyond that date.

“I think we’re in for a shock, this is the tip of the iceberg,” ROH wheels General Manager Bill Davidson told News Corp Australia.

However, in saying this, Davidson was not only referring to the 147 employees from his company.

“I think we’re headed for more closures in non-automotive manufacturing, as well as automotive manufacturing,” he added.

Davidson said that he didn’t see any significant manufacturing projects coming up.

“The government is scaling back expenditure on defence, they’re going to buy more defence products from overseas rather than build it here, so the hope of being able to retool or continue to employ people, that’s going to shrink,” he said.

The South Australian Government yesterday unveiled a 10-point plan to help bolster the state’s economy. Significantly, while it outlines plans to assist small and medium-sized businesses, it makes no specific reference to manufacturing.

Instead, it foresees a strong future for industries such as food and wine; education; tourism; and health.

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