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PumpScout partners with Yamada for high quality double diaphragm pumps


PumpScout has entered into a partnership with Yamada, a manufacturer of air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps. Customers searching for fluid handling products now have access to Yamada’s full line of high quality pumps on the PumpScout web service.

According to Justin Johnson, PumpScout.com CEO and co-founder, Yamada has a strong reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting AODD pumps, which will now be available to PumpScout buyers. Every month more than 50,000 potential customers use the PumpScout web service to find the right pump for their project and connect with pump manufacturers.

Yamada is a global manufacturer of fluid handling products with more than 150 distributors worldwide. Yamada’s high quality air-operated double diaphragm pumps provide end-users with efficient and cost-effective solutions in multiple markets. The company’s product range is ideal for industrial, automotive fluid transfer, mining, and chemical applications. 

Standard features in all Yamada pumps ensure long life, easy maintenance and top performance. A rugged, bolted construction that eliminates leaks, an accessible and unified air valve for simplified maintenance, an individual modular pilot valve that actuates the air valve and optimal diaphragm stroke length are some of the features that provide customers with a top quality end product. 

Yamada’s pump range includes the Electro Polished (EP) series for ultra high-purity solvents and other non-corrosive liquids compatible with 316 Stainless Steel, and UL listed pumps for petrochemical, chemical and petroleum applications. Pump types also include powder pumps, ultra-high purity PTFE pumps, and true non-lubricated NDP series pumps. 

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