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Prefabrication building industry could assist displaced auto workers

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A new hub for the prefabricated construction industry was launched yesterday at an event in Melbourne.

As reported earlier this week, the META PrefabAUS Hub was launched at the “Prefabricating Australia: Growing our off-site construction sector” event. Goals include increasing Australia’s competitiveness in the prefab materials sector.

According to META, the Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce Australia, prefabricated materials are a growth area, but are currently worth only $4.6 billion within a $150 billion a year local construction industry.

Victorian manufacturing minister David Hodgett said at the launch that the event that the prefab sector could conceivably absorb some of the jobs that will be lost when car manufacturing ends in 2017.

“The emerging prefabrication industry has a great opportunity to take advantage of the skills of the automotive sector,” Fairfax quotes him as saying.

The hub announcement follows the launch of other collaborative hubs by META themed around Carbon Fibre, Sports Advanced Manufacturing and Commercial Aerospace.

“Our aim to develop an engagement model, and instill a culture of collaboration that should generate projects that are global and have real business outcomes," META managing director Zoran Angelkovski told The Fifth Estate.

“META’s aim is to build business excellence across the value chain.”

All have been in areas where the local sector has shown potential but has the ability to play a larger part in a growing global area.

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