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Police investigating Cheltenham factory solvent theft

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Police fear hundreds of litres of solvent stolen from an unnamed factory in Cheltenham, south-east of Melbourne, could be marketed as GHB and sold to schoolies.

The Herald Sun reports that police are “baffled” as to how the theft was managed, and that they believe several 200-litre barrels of the solvent were stolen.

They are also uncertain of the exact time of the robbery, only that it happened sometime between November 8 and November 12.

“Of particular concern is that this industrial solvent will be marketed as GHB, which in itself is dangerous,” Acting inspector Tim Day said, according to The Age.

 “This particular solvent could be lethal. If this industrial solvent is ingested there may be a delay of about 15 to 20 minutes before any effect is felt.

"Our fear is that another dose may be ingested, causing a rapid overdose."

Kingston CIU are investigating whether or not the theft was an inside job, and whether or not bikie gangs were involved.

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