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Opel to leave Australia

article image Opel developed a network of 20 car dealerships

Opel, a German subsidiary of General Motors, has announced that it will leave Australia. The decision is effective immediately.

CarsGuide reports that the company said in a statement that the decision was due to poor sales performance and the ongoing need to devote resources to brand promotion in the highly competitive Australian market.

When Opel entered the Australian market in August 2012, the intention was for it to concentrate on niche markets and to compliment Holden sales.

At that time, the company released the Astra hatchback, Insignia mid-sized sedan and wagon and the Corsa light car. The intention was to achieve yearly sales of 15,000 by 2015 and the company developed a network of 20 dealerships around the country to attempt to achieve that target.

Opel’s marketing efforts included sponsorship of the Sydney Roosters NRL team and the Melbourne AFL team.

According to the statement, Opel and Holden will now assess "the potential for future Holden-badged niche product, in order to ascertain if opportunities for individual carlines exist." 

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