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Online training – an important tool in the fight against workplace incidents and injuries


Consider these scenarios:

You walk into the office, just in time to see your colleague trip over, losing her footing and tumbling to the ground. Unfortunately for your colleague, she clips her head on the corner of a desk on her way down and loses consciousness.

What do you do?

You have been advised in confidence that one of your team members is being bullied by a fellow co-worker in another department. She is new to the business and has not come to talk to you about this out of fear. She is not from an Australian cultural background, and you suspect this could be a driver behind the bullying.

What do you do?

For the second time in a week, one of your workers has pulled their back unloading some tiles off the back of the truck and has had to go home from work. This comes a few weeks after another worker almost rolled a forklift from not paying attention on the new worksite.

What do you do?

These three scenarios are just a few examples faced by workplaces on a daily basis. Having an answer to the question of ‘what do you do’ is very real and very important.

Organisations must cultivate a safety focused culture within their workspace and maintaining a well-trained, knowledgeable workforce forms an important part of this culture. Regular workforce training can increase productivity, morale and efficiency, and improve the overall bottom line for the business.

Training, especially refresher training previously was a time- and cost-intensive process, which often required employees to take many hours, if not days, out of valuable work time. This led to many organisations place training activities on the backburner, making training one of the first things to be sacrificed during cost-cutting exercises. 

Skillsmaintenance.com powers a new era of workplace training, which brings to the table an ever expanding catalogue of short, engaging, effective online skills maintenance and refresher training courses aimed to enable any organisation, located anywhere in the world to deliver cost effective training solutions to their workforce.

With a unique business model, the Australia-based Skillsmaintenance.com offers organisations the ability to access an ever growing course catalogue on an ‘as needs’ basis, via the skillsmaintenance.com website with no lock-in contracts. 

CEO Peter Spinda says affordability was an important consideration when developing the business, and the rates depend on the number of users the organisation wishes to train in any course.

For organisations with large user numbers, or organisations wanting to maintain internal control via an existing Learning Management System, all of the courses have been developed so that they can easily run on any LMS already in place. The Skillsmaintenance.com team can alternatively set up an in-house LMS for clients.

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