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One dead, over 40 injured in Mexico factory blast

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A Mexican candy factory near the border with Texas has suffered an explosion and severe damage, with at least one dead and reports of over 40 injured.

According to Sky News, there are 20 missing and over 40 injured, after what was believed to be a boiler explosion at the factory in Ciudad Juarez.

“It is possible that some people were trapped after the ceiling collapsed due to the explosion,” the civil protection chief said.

“There is an area where (rescuers) were not able to get to because they are working to control the fire sparked by the damaged boiler.”

Time names the site as a Dulces Blueberry factory, and reports that the second floor collapsed from the blast – which occurred where a steam boiler had recently been installed – with one worker killed.

The LA Times says that reports of what caused the explosion have varied, with some blaming the boiler and others claiming there were fumes present.

Mota said it was uncertain if the death toll would be revised upwards.

Image: AP

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