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OBS on realising the true potential of the cloud


Deploying cloud-based solutions need not be a long and complicated process. With the right systems and the right tools, organisations can easily manage capabilities, policies and security for all the content and features needed for day-to-day operations. 

OBS offers five ways businesses can benefit from deploying cloud-based solutions. 

Accelerate your business. 

Cloud based collaboration tools enable businesses to execute faster, shortening the time to market and speeding up upgrade cycles. This allows for easier and faster response to market conditions resulting in an agile business. 

Remove boundaries. 

Cloud solutions enable better communication and work practices across boundaries, whether those boundaries are internal between departments or external like time zones. Enhanced capabilities include communications, product and service delivery, information sharing and tapping knowledge resources as well as group problem solving. 

Enhance business processes. 

Business can benefit from better process management using processes such as purchasing, manufacturing, marketing sales and technical support, all of which can be enhanced using cloud based platforms. 

Increase innovation. 

Cloud-based collaboration stimulates innovation. Innovation can be easily impacted when information silos between the cloud and the enterprise are not integrated. The cloud facilitates better ways of sharing information and new service delivery options with more people inside and outside the enterprise. 

Support the IT department into the business. 

Cloud collaboration is not just an IT discussion but a broader business discussion. Decisions on cloud deployments and cloud applications should not be limited to IT-based considerations. Non-IT executives are becoming increasingly involved in the selection and implementation process, with customer-facing workers using cloud apps. 

All of these steps need to be underpinned by the right technology platform and facilitated by the right partner. 

OBS supports numerous organisations with cloud services, reducing the costs of managing and maintaining business systems, freeing up information technology resources as well as enabling staff to focus on initiatives that can deliver a competitive advantage to the business.

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