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New product intelligence software targets fast response to environmental, regulatory, and supply chain risks


Granta Design announces the release of GRANTA MI:Product Intelligence Package, a new suite of software and data designed to assist engineering enterprises optimise products while minimising environmental, regulatory, and supply chain risks. The Product Intelligence Package runs on the GRANTA MI platform, the industry-leading system for materials information management.

Granta Design’s new product intelligence software offers a suite of fast, easy-to-use tools that draw on comprehensive, authoritative materials and environmental data to provide interactive, integrated feedback on the full range of risks within the CAD environment or, via a new web browser application. This risk assessment focuses design efforts and supports compliance reporting, while avoiding the need for time-consuming data research.

Granta Design CEO Dr Patrick Coulter explains that MI:Product Intelligence not only helps customers to apply the material intelligence developed through GRANTA MI to deliver better, greener and safer products but also demonstrates, through Granta’s new BoM Analyzer, an enhanced capability to rapidly develop a new generation of GRANTA MI tools.

MaterialUniverse, one of the many data modules available within GRANTA MI, provides property profiles for the full range of engineering materials and associated processes covering thousands of records for metals, plastics, composites, and more. This is augmented with regularly-updated data on restricted substances and regulations that impact them as well as materials supply risks.

MI:Product Intelligence tools enable users to search and browse this unique data resource, apply it to parts within the CAD model or Bill of Materials (BoM) that represents their product, and then run reporting calculations that apply the data to predict environmental impacts and flag potential regulatory or supply problems.

Various Granta innovations have made this release possible:

A new integrated ‘dashboard’ that provides a single view of product performance against risk factors such as restricted substance content, lifecycle energy usage, CO2 footprint and supply chain risks.

MI:Materials Gateway 2.0, the second-generation integration technology that enables materials applications to be embedded within CAD systems, allowing CAD users to apply the new product intelligence tools to help optimise designs.

MI:BoM Analyzer, a new easy-to-use web browser application that enables users to import and edit existing Bills of Materials, build new BoMs from scratch, assign materials and processes within those BoMs, and run reporting calculations. 

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