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New process analysis probes allowing for real time monitoring of pharma and chemical processes

article image Bottom outlet valve MultiProbe with integrated LiquiSonic sensor for real time reaction monitoring in the running production process

Process analytical technology presents a major challenge in terms of finding suitable entry points for the measuring technology into reactors to benefit the running process. 

SensoTech has collaborated with valve manufacturer SchuF to devise an innovative and cost-efficient solution called the MultiProbe. Integrating the bottom outlet valve with the SensoTech LiquiSonic sensor enables process analysis even in low volume batches and without additional process adapters.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of process analytical technology (PAT) to optimise pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing processes, which allows analysis of reactions in real time. If problems arise during the reaction, the parameters can be modified before the batch is completed, preventing batches being rejected while also reducing material and energy use, cycling time and product sampling. The product quality and overall efficiency can be improved significantly.

Process monitoring with LiquiSonic

To analyse reactions in real time providing immediate data on critical process control parameters, SensoTech offers a range of reliable measuring and analysing systems with the LiquiSonic technology. The LiquiSonic systems provide precise data about the concentration and density in liquids such as solvents, nutrient solutions, emulsions or suspensions. LiquiSonic also detects phase transitions to control phase separation processes precisely. Another focus is the reaction monitoring in crystallisation processes. 

A LiquiSonic analyser consists of one or multiple sensors and one controller. The sensors are robust as well as corrosion-resistant and work maintenance-free. The controller works as an evaluation unit visualising and recording the measuring results and transferring them to the process control system.

Drain valve and PAT united

As a leading manufacturer of drain valves, SchuF combines its usual bottom outlet valve with the LiquiSonic process analytical technology. The LiquiSonic sensor is incorporated into the bottom outlet valve, allowing measurement directly in the reactor without any process adapters. The LiquiSonic analyser also includes two Pt1000 temperature sensors. 

Offered under the brand MultiProbe, the combination of sensor and valve is an ideal solution for process analytical applications in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry. 

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