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New mining crushers provide greater pre-screening of oversized rock

article image Sidewinder mining crusher

IROCK Crushers introduces its Sidewinder series of crushers, designed to screen out a high percentage of feed material that is already at the required size before reaching the crusher, minimising the amount of material required to run through the crusher, increasing production and reducing wear.

Sidewinders are ideal for primary use in sand and gravel applications and recycled asphalt operations or for secondary use with materials such as recycled concrete and quarry rock. 

Featuring a closed-circuit design and a four-bar impactor, Sidewinder crushers are capable of producing up to four product sizes including three uniformly sorted and one oversized product. A flop gate within the pant leg chute gives operators the option to either recirculate oversized material for further screening and crushing or divert it to be stockpiled as 100 percent crushed material.

Sidewinder mining crushers are available in three sizes, each with a three-deck horizontal screen. With screening areas of 210, 288 and 360 square feet respectively, the Sidewinder 15, 20 and 30 can process 400, 600 and 750 TPH.

The mobile crushers feature IROCK’s exclusive ROCK BOX, an innovative alternative to discharge chutes found on similar units. The ROCK BOX uses a shelf system with abrasion-resistant wear bars that allow crushed material to build up and act as a wear liner to effectively reduce maintenance. In addition, standard catwalks alongside the unit provide full access to each side of the screenbox for ease of maintenance or screen media changes. 

A leading manufacturer of portable crushing plants, screening equipment and related products, IROCK Crushers is known not only for its heavy-duty units and high-quality components, but also for exceptional customer service including convenient 24-hour online parts look-up and ordering, fast delivery, and live service support until 9 p.m. EST.

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