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New mineral ID software and library available on field spectrometer


Spectral Evolution presents the oreXpress field spectrometers designed to identify the target mineral in real time with EZ-ID and the SpecMIN Library. Spectral Evolution is a leading manufacturer of laboratory and handheld portable spectrometers, spectroradiometers and spectrophotometers. 

The SpecMIN Library offers one of the most comprehensive selections of mineral spectra available. The EZ-ID software running on an oreXpress portable spectrometer is an ideal solution for fast, easy and accurate mineral identification in the field. EZ-ID matches any unknown mineral against a known spectral library. 

SpecMIN includes an extensive and dynamic library of over 494 infrared active mineral species with more than 1,528 individual spectra. This unique spectral library includes a minimum of two different samples per mineral.

With the availability of the SpecMIN library, EZ-ID software can be used for real time mineral identification in outcrops, pits or hand samples, and is especially useful in fast and accurate core logging applications. 

EZ-ID software allows fast and accurate identification of an unknown mineral to a known library sample. Apart from offering ease of use, and a simple, consistent user interface, the software allows spectral regions of interest to be included or excluded for optimal results, and enables fast scanning for optimum field work or core shack logging. The Custom Library Builder software module allows the user to scan known samples and quickly build a custom library for a particular project, mineral or location.

The combination of EZ-ID software and the oreXpress field portable spectrometer for mining offers geologists a complete mineral identification system to improve mining exploration. 

Key features of the oreXpress spectrometer with companion GETAC PS336 handheld microcomputer include 350-2500nm spectral range; auto dark shutter and autoexposure for easy, one-touch scanning; no optimisation required to start scanning; GETAC sunlight readable VGA display; mineral contact probe with metal-clad fibre optic cable; lightweight LI-ion batteries for power in the field; and accessories such as core shack fold-up field cart and benchtop reflectance probe. The GETAC PS336 allows easy tagging of spectra with images from the auto-focus digital camera, e-compass, altimeter, GPS data, and voice notes.

The EZ-ID and the SpecMIN Library will be on display at GRSG, Booth #3 in Berlin, December 9-11.

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