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New inline sensors launched for measuring Plato, Brix, alcohol, extract and whey

article image The LiquiSonic inline analyser of SensoTech measures the concentration of ingredients in the production of beer, wine, fruit juices, soft drinks or dairy products

Inline analytical measuring technology can be employed to significantly optimise several processes during beverage production.

The concentrations of beer and wine, mixed and soft drinks, juices and liquid dairy products can be monitored for instance, to improve evaporation, phase separation, blending or filling. The Brix content is usually analysed in fruit juice and soft drink production while the dairies consider the whey or dry matter content important. In wine making, quality parameters include the extract or alcohol concentration. For the production of instant or liquid coffee the focus is on the concentration of extract and dry matter.

In breweries, the inline analyser measures the content of original gravity (Plato), extract or alcohol. The sensors are directly integrated into the brewing process by mounting the sensors into the pipelines of the lauter tun, wort cooler, filter or filler. The wort boiler will have a long sensor installed directly into the vessel.

The LiquiSonic inline analysers from SensoTech measure the various concentrations with high precision, continuously and in real time, with the measuring results offering an accuracy of ±0.05 %. If the results are outside of the defined production range, a signal will be sent immediately to initiate timely countermeasures, ensuring a high beverage quality and process reliability, while avoiding the risk of potential batch failure.

The inline beverage analysers also enable efficient control of raw material use and energy consumption. For automated control, the measuring results can be transferred to the process control system through analogue or digital outputs, via fieldbus such as Profibus DP or via Ethernet.

A LiquiSonic inline analyser consists of one or more sensors and one controller. The sensors meet the high hygienic requirements of the beverage and food industry and are easy to integrate into any plant system. Sonic velocity is used as physical value to determine the concentration, providing extremely fast, accurate and stable results. The robust analyser is not affected by contamination, enabling maintenance­free and long-term operation.

The controller displays the measuring results and shows clear trend views. The results can be analysed with the controller or by network integration directly with the PC. Secure remote control options allow access to the device from different locations and computers, maximising flexibility.

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