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New heavy duty temporary flooring developed for industrial sites

article image Pro-Zone laid over wet ground

Leading Australian flooring manufacturer PROFLOOR has developed an innovative range of temporary flooring products designed to promote productivity and safety at construction sites.

PROFLOOR’s Pro-Max is a heavy duty range of portable outdoor floor tiles with an underlay that assembles as a sandwich system for maximum strength. The lightweight Pro-Max can be used in multiple applications at construction sites including on temporary footpaths, site access roadways, portable flooring around site compounds, and temporary loading areas.

According to PROFLOOR Managing Director, Paul Blackie, Pro-Max is an infinitely modular interlocking product that is particularly suitable for building temporary roadways and car parks to support heavy loads such as trucks and cranes.

Made from high density polyethylene, Pro-Max tiles can support compressive loads of vehicles up to 120 tonnes on a firm subsurface. They can accommodate slightly uneven ground, are easy to lay, have a skid-resistant surface to provide traction for both equipment and people, and offer a service life of 12+ years under normal conditions.

Pro-Max is a superior alternative to conventional aluminium panels, especially on grass, as aluminium panels burn grass while plastic is an insulator and can stay over grass three times longer without turf damage.

The PROFLOOR range of high density plastic products designed to accommodate construction site requirements includes Pro-Track and Pro-Zone.

Pro-Track is a lightweight hexagonal tile that links together to form a roadway for light-medium vehicles in conditions where vehicles may otherwise get bogged in mud or sand. This product can accommodate uneven ground with little or no ground preparation required.

Pro-Zone provides a platform for cranes by effectively distributing heavy loads, while also offering an alternative product for installation of portable roadways for heavy traffic. The square tiles lock firmly together with a cam-lock system and overlapping edges to form very large seamless pads that can be used as a road for slow moving vehicles, or as a car park, hardstand, loading bay or access for construction traffic.

PROFLOOR has developed a comprehensive range of outdoor flooring products, not only for the construction industry, but also for the mining, oil and gas onshore exploration industry, and for use at major events.

PROFLOOR has been contracted to supply outdoor flooring solutions for a wide range of major events both in Australia and overseas including the Formula 1 GP at Albert Park, the Australian Tennis Open and the recent MotoGP at Phillip Island. Overseas projects include the 2012 London Olympics where PROFLOOR products for outdoor events came from their manufacturing facility in The Netherlands.

PROFLOOR products are also available for hire whereby the client picks up the flooring, installs it, and brings it back for cleaning. A turnkey service is also available where PROFLOOR will deliver, install, manage, remove and clean for a simple square metre rate. Companies with ongoing requirements can simply purchase the required product from PROFLOOR.

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