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New dust masks launched with active carbon filters for safer breathing on site

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RZ Mask is a new range of dust masks featuring easily replaceable built-in active carbon filters to provide a high level of air filtering, removing up to 99.9% of dust, particulates, pollen and odours in the air. 

Available in a range of sizes to fit almost anybody, the new breathing masks feature a dual valve system integrated into the sides for a one-way easy breathing exhaust system. The streamlined cut of the mask allows maximum comfort when worn with goggles and helmets. Tested in extremely rugged conditions, the neoprene construction of the mask ensures excellent protection with maximum flexibility. 

Dust masks from RZ Mask offer versatility in application and come with 100% performance guarantee. While the Regular size is designed to fit most people, the XL size fits larger frames (235lbs+) and the Youth version fits most kids 12 years and below (130lbs or less). 

The active carbon filter offers partial protection from dander, dust, allergens, exhaust, tobacco smoke, gun powder, coal dust and more than 130 other particulates that may be present in the air, filtering up to 99.9% of particulates sized 0.1 microns and greater. The filter is far superior to the traditional N95 surgical mask, which filters at least 95% of particulates. The active carbon also absorbs odours effectively. The filters will remain effective for 20-50 hours of light use and should be changed as needed by the wearer.

These masks can be worn when riding an ATV or UTV, farming, mountain biking, racing, training, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice fishing or winter biking among many others. 

The RZ mask contains dual one-way valves that help vent the user’s breath and prevent moisture from building up. The valves allow for easy breathing in physical activities by allowing the air to escape the mask with ease. An easy twist seal locks the inner filter in place and blocks unfiltered air. 

The extremely compact and soft neoprene material ensures a superior experience compared to the traditional respirator. The innovative design of the mask doesn't protrude far from the face, making it less of a distraction. The mask can be folded up to fit in a pocket. 

RZ Mask’s 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee allows customers to experience the benefits of the dust masks, and have the assurance of 100% money back if they are not satisfied with the performance of the mask. 

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