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​New cold route for milk sales

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A new ‘milk pipeline’ has been set up between NSW and China, an Australian cold-chain first that can get milk from Australian dairies to Chinese kitchens in seven days.

Peloris Global Sourcing (PGS) has undertaken the venture with Norco Co-operative and Dairy Connect NSW, which has resulted in a successful trial shipment of 1000 litres of fresh milk, completed in March.

The breakthrough has come after 12 months of collaboration between PGS and Chinese officials to develop rigorous quality assurance protocols that have now been fully tested and officially sanctioned by the relevant Chinese agencies.

PGS has implemented an unprecedented quarantine clearance agreement with China to bring the delivery time down to accommodate the normal shelf life of fresh, pasteurised Australian milk.

PGS managing director Peter Verry said the cold chain pipeline solution incorporated stringent quality assurance controls that ensure the fresh milk met or exceeded Chinese regulations.

In order to ensure milk quality in the cold chain, Verry said that PGS implemented several measures to ensure the quality of the milk from when it leaves Australia to the Chinese distribution centre a week later.

“We use TempTRIP data loggers in each pallet that takes a temperature recording every 20 mins, for the duration of the journey, and over the period of the week you get a readout each time you scan the datalogger card with a hand held unit,” Verry said.

“They suit our purpose because we put them in each pallet at the start and take them out at the custom distribution centre in China, and we have a complete record of the temperature no matter what coolroom or truck the milk has been in.”

Norco chairman Greg McNamara said that the new milk pipeline has the capacity to deliver more than 20 million litres of fresh milk to Chinese consumers in the first 12 months of operation.

“This opens the door for Norco to access the burgeoning demand from Chinese consumers for Australian fresh milk products,” McNamara said.

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