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New benchtop reflectance probe with compactor released for spectrometers

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Spectral Evolution has introduced a new benchtop reflectance probe designed for qualitative and quantitative analysis in mining exploration, remote sensing and laboratory applications.

Featuring a new powder sample holder and compactor for higher performance in mineral, soil and chemical analysis, the benchtop reflectance probes work with all Spectral Evolution spectrometers.

Spectral Evolution is a leader in field portable, full range (UV/VIS/NIR) spectrometers for mobile mineral identification and analysis, remote sensing soil and agricultural studies, and a wide range of powder analyses.

The new benchtop reflectance probe with powder sample holder and compactor provides researchers with hands-free measurement across the spectral range from 350 to 2500nm, offering a very stable platform for qualitative and quantitative analysis, repeatable scanning and data collection, and better performance by minimising errors from stray light.

The benchtop reflectance probe delivers easy-to-use powder sample analysis for use with powdered, ground, chips, or loose samples in applications including mineral identification and analysis, soil sample analysis, vegetation analysis, and analysis and identification of powders and other raw materials.

Key features of the benchtop reflectance probe include hands-free measurement at 350-2500nm; ‘no threading’ set up with external SMA-905 port and power connector; built-in 5W tungsten halogen source with user-replaceable probe; compatibility with all Spectral Evolution spectrometers and spectroradiometers; and rugged window for durable performance.

The benchtop reflectance probe can be ordered as an accessory with any Spectral Evolution spectrometer or spectroradiometer.

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