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New Ute floor unloaders launched into Australia

article image Rockford moving floor helps unload a large quantity of white rocks with little effort

Rockford has introduced a new moving floor for Utes and small trucks, allowing farmers to expand the use of their vehicles.

A proven product in the USA where farmers have been taking advantage of this equipment for years, the new Rockford moving floors are designed to unload material from a Ute or truck, offering an inexpensive alternative to conventional tipping equipment.

Moving floors are ideal for vehicles that normally cannot be converted for tipping equipment, and can unload large volumes of material in seconds with little physical effort. Installation and removal of a Rockford moving floor can be done in 50 seconds.

Material extraction or unloading using Rockford’s moving floor from a standard Ute means 4x4 vehicles can now carry material that would have been impossible to unload in the past. 

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