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New PLM applications launched to support information traceability


A collaborative PLM suite of applications, RuleDesigner is designed to offer an integrated working environment to the enterprise and its stakeholders.

As a modular solution, RuleDesigner can be successfully used to serve the needs of numerous corporate functions including service management. 

The RuleDesigner Help-Desk tool supports and ensures the traceability of information flow coming from the service and involving different corporate departments. By using tickets, customer service staff can track several reports covering non-conformity processes, claims, technical field services, reminders, parts demand and any other request that can be configured to better satisfy the demand of customers.

Reports can be handled using different process flows along which it is possible to perform both automatic procedures and configuration processes. Using RuleDesigner, one can simply identify the customer, the product serial number or the product location to have an overview of the customer’s existing situation, spanning from job orders information to product-related data such as bill of materials and maintenance/warranty contracts complete with expiration dates and services included. 

Coupled with RuleDesigner Configurator, it is possible to accelerate corporate workflows by automating activities, such as the opening of a field service project with distribution of tasks, or by driving sales offers generation. 

RuleDesigner also allows the planning of technical ordinary services scheduling recurring activities and tasks with alerts and notifications to resources appointed.

The job order becomes a repository of information continuously updated with after-sales data and activities including reports, parts supply/demand management, field services provided, sales offers and any related project opened. Each customer can consult the history of their data and be updated on the progress workflow of their requests in real time. 

RuleDesigner enables proper after-sales management maximising internal workflow and improving the quality of services offered to customers.

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