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New CargoWise logistics software set to revolutionise logistics services industry


World-leading global logistics operations technology provider CargoWise announces the launch of CargoWise One, its next-generation software targeting global logistics operations.

CargoWise is also rebranding itself as WiseTech Global to show its association with CargoWise One as well as its technology focus and global reach.

WiseTech Global’s flagship product, ediEnterprise has become synonymous with fast-paced innovation within the logistics sector since its international release in 2006. Its latest release, CargoWise One features major advancements and huge productivity and capability breakthroughs over the market-leading capabilities that made ediEnterprise the software of choice for global and domestic logistics service providers.

A highly advanced enterprise-class management system for the logistics industry, CargoWise One offers a feature-rich set of vertical and horizontal, whole-of-enterprise capabilities that will provide comprehensive functionality for logistics execution needs across the supply chain. It will give logistics providers a significantly enhanced, globally capable platform designed to drive productivity, profitability, automation, supply chain compliance and global reach, while simplifying and improving integration and communication between partners, customers, suppliers and agents, and enabling regulatory compliance with customs, quarantine, supply chain security and dangerous goods authorities in an ever increasing number of countries across the globe.

CargoWise One delivers over 200 important new functional enhancements and five new major product capabilities in 23 languages, a substantial improvement over its award-winning predecessor. All these features will enable logistics service providers to increase productivity and operational efficiency while improving customer service and driving down operational costs and error rates. 

CargoWise One has been engineered to support all major browsers, consumer and ruggedized mobile devices, and major operating systems, as well as deep mobility and transport telematics integration through handheld and wrist-mounted devices and cabin mounted transport automation devices.

WiseTech Global has also announced the global rollout of its ground-breaking Logistics Device-as-a-Service program (LDaaS). A breakthrough first, LDaaS packages CargoWise One’s leading logistics management solution with the latest ruggedized handheld mobile and cabin mounted devices to give asset based transport and logistics providers a complete and affordable pay-as-you-go mobility solution with no upfront costs or term lock-in.

CargoWise One will be available to WiseCloud On Demand customers from the production release in mid-March, and shortly after to other On Demand Customers. For existing ediEnterprise customers and users, CargoWise One’s new intuitive and feature-rich design will allow experienced operators of ediEnterprise a backward-compatible user experience, with simplified and faster navigation. Administrators can look forward to a simple and complete migration without data loss or manual updates.

WiseTech Global CEO and CargoWise founder, Richard White comments that CargoWise One marks a new chapter in the evolution of logistics operations and management software, and is the culmination of years of behind-the-scenes work and creative effort. 

Describing it as a powerful tool designed from the ground up for logistics service providers large and small, he adds CargoWise One has major improvements that drive productivity, functionality, integration, supply chain compliance and global reach.

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