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New BYOD telematics app to slash cost of vehicle, delivery tracking


Advancements in telematics are helping companies affordably track their fleets, including drivers and deliveries, as traditional GPS and PDA device capabilities become incorporated into smartphones.

Walter Scremin, General Manager of national transport firm Ontime Group explains that tracking and proof of delivery systems have previously required substantial upfront investment but smartphones significantly slash the costs. For instance, PDA devices generally cost around $2,000 per device and GPS units around $800; however, all of this technology can now be accessed on a smartphone starting at $150.

Ontime is now releasing a new application, Envoy for Android smartphones incorporating full functionality of the company’s proprietary fleet tracking software Ontime Earth.

According to Mr Scremin, having a professional logistics system at the backend provides a reliable tracking platform in a more efficient format, making it much more accessible for smaller businesses to track their vehicle fleets, and protect themselves with job sign-off.

Fleet operators are desperately trying to increase efficiency; however, they also face higher operational costs and more competition for business. This, Mr Scremin says impacts all types of fleets from delivery fleets to service fleets and sales fleets. A business can improve its customer service and efficiency through proper use of tracking technology, but many are still yet to incorporate these systems.

Ontime’s Envoy application allows drivers to sign on, sign off or indicate they are on a break; tracks deliveries, delivery drivers, salespeople etc.; notifies drivers of jobs remotely and provides navigation using Google maps; provides various options for proof of delivery sign-off; and offers clients access to job history and reports.

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