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NSW has “toughest CSG controls in Australia”: Hazzard

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The NSW government has cemented its tough laws against coal seam gas extraction.

The ABC reports that a buffer zone of 2 km will apply to “95 per cent” of the state’s dwellings, according to planning minister Brad Hazzard.

"In essence, if you're in a town or a city or a village, what looks like a village, smells like a village you're probably pretty good," Hazzard told the ABC.

There are concerns that the restrictions in place in NSW, which imports 95 per cent of its gas from other states, will harm the industrial sector.

AGL Energy’s CEO Michael Fraser has warned that 1000s of manufacturing jobs would be risked and $2 billion would be lost from the state’s industry due to NSW’s laws, which Hazzard has called the “toughest CSG controls in Australia”.

A summit was held last week regarding the state’s energy situation, which some say will see it running out of gas in 2016.

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