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NHVR offers preview of new national Access Management System


With new regulations set to take effect early next year, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is giving industry operators a preview of the new Access Management System (AMS), a one-stop-shop for access applications.

NHVR CEO Richard Hancock said the NHVR has released two videos to introduce the AMS and the NHVR Journey Planner, an online mapping tool to help operators plan their trips.

He explains the NHVR is launching Australia's first cross-border, cross-agency system for managing heavy vehicle access to the nation's road network on 10 February 2014. To prepare the industry for the launch, NHVR has put up draft access forms on its website to familiarise operators with filling them out. 

NHVR is also going on the road talking to industry at regional forums for face-to-face interaction with operators.

The new access management system will mean less time, money and paperwork for busy operators trying to get a vehicle on the right roads.

With the AMS, operators can submit access applications entirely online, with key features to include an online Journey Planner; digital signatures that allow applications to be completed online without printing forms; a unique customer login so that the operator's details are automatically pre-filled on future applications; and electronic tracking and documentation for up-to-date records and quick tracking of progress on applications.

The Journey Planner video shows how this tool combines individual state- and territory-approved routes into a single national online map. Operators can plan their heavy vehicle journey across multiple jurisdictions using a single online tool.

Once a journey is planned, operators will no longer need to apply for permits from multiple road managers. The NHVR will be a single contact for operators, dealing with the relevant state and territory road authorities and local governments to manage applications from start to finish.

NHVR has built the AMS and Journey Planner in collaboration with vendor partners, HCL Technologies and Esri Australia after consultation with industry, road transport authorities and local governments to ensure that the entire application process is streamlined and the system delivers on its productivity benefits. 

NHVR has also invested heavily in their people, in terms of training and preparation for their new role at the NHVR customer frontline.

The AMS and Journey Planner videos can be viewed at www.nhvr.gov.au/hv-tv.

A Journey Planner user guide and e-learning package will soon be available from the NHVR website.

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