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Mining truck hits LV, drags it along haul road

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A light vehicle was struck by a haul truck last Saturday at the Brockman 4 mine in Western Australia.

According to the ABC no one was injured in the incident, as all vehicle occupants were able to exit the vehicle.

Brockman 4 is an iron ore mine near Tom Price in the Pilbara, owned by Rio Tinto.

It is understood the truck driver was unaware that the collision had occured, and that the light vehicle was dragged for 40 metres before the occupants radioed the driver, who then stopped the truck.

Rio made a statement that all those involved were able to exit their vehicles safely, however the company is conducting an in-depth investigation.

Rio said this type of incident was extremely rare, and it was treating the matter seriously to ensure it does not happen again at any Rio Tinto mine site.

Rio said it was working closely with the Department of Mines and Petroleum to investigate the incident.

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