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Manufacturers say budget will hurt them: poll

article image Treasurer Joe Hockey's budget unpopular with Manufacturers' Monthly readers.

Most manufacturers believe the recent federal budget will leave their businesses worse off, according to an online poll.

The Manufacturers’ Monthly poll asked readers one question – “How will this Federal Budget affect your business?”

In response, 53.2 per cent of respondents said their businesses would be worse off; 21.74 per cent answered that the budget would have mixed results (some good elements, some bad); 14.3 per cent said it would have no impact; and 10.87 per cent said the budget would improve their business.

Coverage in the broader media has reinforced the unpopularity of Treasurer Joe Hockey’s first budget. And the government’s support has nosedived. According to a post-budget Herald/Nielsen poll from May 15-17, two-party vote figures saw the Coalition drop 4 points to 44 per cent and Labor rise 4 points to 56 per cent.

However, most criticism has focussed on issues such as co-payments on visits to the GP, increases in the pension age, changes to the Newstart allowance, and cuts in health and education.

Manufacturers’ Monthly asked a single question of business owners and its readers are predominantly from the manufacturing sector. The result suggests that, perhaps for different reasons, this group shares the pessimism of the broader community.

There were 92 votes recorded, 90 of which were from Australian-based internet users.

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