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Local Kickstarts Bluetooth in a cap

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A SYDNEY-based entrepreneur is Kickstarting a new Bluetooth wearable device integrated into a cap.

With an international patent in place, 24 year old William Miller has launched his Snaptrax product on Kickstarter, a popular reward-based, crowdfunding site.

The slimline, Bluetooth Snaptrax device is concealed within the rim of a snapback baseball cap and allow users to communicate,  listen to music,  use search engines or use a GMPS,  while on the go.

The Snaptrax cap wearer will be able to inconspicuously use “hands-free and head-phone free” voice command to connect, control and interact with smart devices or smartphones.

A small, hidden button-panel will control volume, split-speakers and offer a command-pairing mode.

As either a concealed or standalone Bluetooth device plus future plans to offer SDK (software developers kit) access, the applications for the device may extend from the consumer market to industrial uses.

Snaptrax will use bone conduction technology to allow sound to be received by the inner ear.

The caps have also been designed to be 100% weatherproof, offering greater durability and protection against a range of harsh, external temperature and moisture extremes.

For the current kickstarter campaign to be deemed successful, it must reach its set goal of $158k. This goal will enable the first production-run of Snaptrax with a release goal for November, 2014.

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