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Liberal MPs break ranks to fight for local workers

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Division within Liberal ranks continues to grow, with Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan breaking rank and file to oppose 100 per cent employment of FIFO workers in Queensland.

The Daily Mercury reported that Costigan has called on colleagues and voters to lobby the Queensland state government to oppose the company practice of hiring only from FIFO worker pools.

LNP MPs Vaughan Johnson (Gregory) and Ted Malone (Mirani) have also joined the fight against what has been described as ‘geographic discrimination’.

Costigan has also said that he will push this issue regardless of party line, and that there has been no support for 100 per cent FIFO policies in his electorate.

“FIFO might be good for people in Brisbane and Cairns, but it stinks in Mackay and the Whitsundays,” he said.

The Newman Government has supported the adoption of 100 per cent FIFO hiring policies by mining companies, despite Newman’s opposition of such policies prior to the 2012 Queensland election.

Deputy premier Jeff Seeney said that MPs were free to air their views publically, but that the LNP has a long term position on the issue.

Seeney also said that FIFO is safer as it means workers don’t have to drive home after work.

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