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Inspection paperwork lost at ERA Ranger uranium mine

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Energy Resources Australia has lost the paperwork relating to the inspection of diesel tanks on site, according to the Ranger Restart capability report.

The report, conducted by Noetic Risk Solutions and HRL Technology headed up its findings with the discovery that documentation, relating to the five-yearly external inspections and monthly inspections for Diesel tanks A and B, is “missing”.

These inspection routines were put in place in 1995 after a 12,000 litre diesel spill on site caused deaths to local bird life.

The report said that the missing documents would not affect the plant’s return to service, as the ten-yearly major inspection was the most recent to have been performed.

However the report said that the omission would be addressed, and that documents would be recorded in ERAs information management system in future.

The first recommendation of the report directs ERA to develop an overarching plan for the completion of all non-critical actions which remain outstanding, and that development of this plan should be a high priority.

These actions include increasing the inspection frequency for Ammonia Tank D, which is undergoing re-registration after a weld repair to the tank nozzle.

Noetic and HRL will visit Ranger again two weeks after the restart plan has been implemented.

The independent inspectors will check that the restart has occurred in accordance with the plan, that the remainder of the plan is on track and that Noetic and HRL recommendations have been implemented, which will constitute a second report.

This final report will provide a rigorous assessment of ERA’s approach to process safety and governance, to be delivered in mid-June.

This report will include a suite of further recommendations to ensure that Ranger continues not to impact on Kakadu National Park. 

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